June: an abandoned tomb grandfather Maxim Bogdanovich

In an interview with "Freedom" Tsar Vladimir regretted that local authority has not fulfilled its promise, the grave of his grandfather classics Belarusian literature Maxim Bogdanovich in ruins.
"I knew that the opening of this tomb will be unnecessary headache for local authorities. Utilities damaged headstone. Tomb imposed sidewalk curbs, but two of them have already passed away someone — said Vladimir Daraguzh.
In 2006 Sovereign Daraguzh found headstone Athanasius pulp (1814-1878). This is Mary’s father flesh — mother of the famous poet.
Same 2006 Chervene authorities promised soon equip the grave of his grandfather Maxim Bogdanovich — put there fencing, set on tombstone monument Uniate cross, seen as make more label text.

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