K. Kozak: Drazhna Village — a common example, many of these highly

Father Leonid Akalovich Tribunal Darohi Minsk region punished by a fine of 30 basic units for the consecration of the cross in the village Drazhna. Cross established volunteer members of the Belarusian Society for Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments in memory of 25 villagers killed by guerrillas in 1943. Local authorities dismantled the cross, also lured to justice activist Vyacheslav Siuchyk public organization and the creator of the book "Blood and ashes Drazhna" Victor Hursika.
German losses on the terrain of Belarus during the Russian war majestically 1941-1944: analysis and outcome "- the so-called book in which explores little-known facts about the partisan movement in Belarus during the last war. Creator prepared for print publication — historian, head of Historical workshops Kuzma Kozak.
Cossack"We have written books about the war, for example, the loss of the German fascist invaders. Well, of course, we all thought it was the Germans. As it turned out, most of the — local people. And I show that when the dying and German soldiers, then immediately killed under the guise of German and ours. example, as in the case with the village Drazhna. And this figure, of which I speak, has always been such a constant: 500 000 — is half destroyed on the ground during the Belarusian partisans majestically Russian War. From these half a million, which destroyed a large part accounts for the local people. They destroyed specifically partisans, it’s not front-line history. Because the Germans were always asked: how is it? How could you so much to execute? There were so many Germans here. Nobody did not try to answer these questions. Word war a long time and was portrayed portrayed not those colors. "
Correspondent"Either you had to meet, making the book, with examples such as the village Drazhna?"
Cossack"Of course, someone may seem unusual. And someone thought that, say, per se can not be. Example, in the village of Garrison — and imagine for themselves such a figure, which the Germans themselves have documented 575 attacks on villages in March 1944. How did this happen? And shoot and throw grenades, and set on fire. Later comes the Germans believe that it destroyed the guerrillas and the guerrillas believe that it is they destroyed assistants. And this fire was very extensive and significant. Later if you look further on this dilemma, we were very strong confrontation between Polish and Ukrainian partisans, Russian and Polish partisans. "
Correspondent"Means we can talk about the fact that there were different groups of partisans?"
Cossack"Naturally, there were different groups, and how. If you take the Russian partisan movement, then in 1941 he was very weak. Formation it occurs exclusively in 1942, and he became a mass in 1943. But so far were very strong the south of Belarus Ukrainian forces. Also on the ground Belarus had representatives of the Russian Liberation Army, popularly called Vlasov. Also here, in Belarus, intensely acted so called Kaminski Brigade — Russian state is the people’s army. Several of these groups, particularly in the eastern part of Belarus, were acceptable state. But later, in 1943, begins the confrontation between Russian and Polish partisans — the activities of the Home Army. Well, certainly, these actions were very many fierce. Very, very many. "
Correspondent"There could be a situation like the villagers Drazhna testified that if it was not possible to kill the same German garrison, when there was no tribute to the report, the same guerrillas blew up people indiscriminately, as the guerrillas were not local?"
Cossack"Probably was all. After more than were killed by the statistics, the greater the likelihood that a person will get some increase or merit. Guerrillas And, incidentally, it is very often used. When you read the documents of the Belarusian partisan movement headquarters, it is clear that this regarded positively. because each character in wanting to see this war. Statistics potraflyali In laymen, as in the example of the village. This is a very common example, and very many of these materials, even worse there. A command guerrilla units, only they themselves, in their sentences, shot or hanged over 2-thousand guerrillas. Each such case certainly pulls the facts of violence against other people. And these pages, little-known or unknown, we have very many in Belarus. Indeed, there was more of the partisan movement in one country as we have, in Belarus. "

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