Kalinowski students applets do not release from Belarus

Names of students included in the so-called "black list". Recruitment offices such makarom try to pick up unwanted opposition to the army.
BPF youth activist Franak Vyachorka border guards passed through the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. It came out at a border crossing Stone’s Log. Franak said no preconditions ban exit areas of Belarus.
Voice Franak Vyachorka:

"I was told that I was banned from traveling abroad the Republic of Belarus, which not so long ago I was introduced to the" blacklist. "When I asked why I had planted in the bus, the border guard said," himself understands. "I think that this is due with my joining the army, and my name entered on the list of Russian military office staff. "
For a day earlier student Kalinouski Dmitry Buyanova border guards withdrew from the train when he crossed the border from the Polish side. They told the guy that the reverse would not let him, as he also was in the "black list."
"When I crossed the Belarusian border guards took me out of the car. They took my passport, looked through the pages and told me that the reverse is not released. When I asked why, they answered me: "Please contact the police, there will know." Before that, I went a couple of times in Belarus, and there were no problems. I believe that this is revenge Belarusian guys for what they are studying abroad . "
Franak Vyachorka was district medical committee. The doctors did surgery on his eyes. Franak uttered that now he will have a respite from conscription for six months.
Dmitry Brawlers trained at the Gdansk Institute. Enlistment is his certificate from the institution with a translation into whiteRussian language. Enlistment was told that the guy postponement for a year, and it is only necessary once a year to bring new information.
Franak and Dmitry are registered in the military Russian district of Minsk.
Alexander Ivanovsky, responsible for the call, explained to Radio Liberty, why have brought the list Franak Vyachorka:
Ivanovsky"Where it was taken?"
Correspondent"On the bus on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border."
Ivanovsky"Rightly removed. Commission honey He failed. Its not approved Regional Commission. While she did not confirm the postponement void. After proving the regional medical commission, we will officially take out a reprieve."
Member Franco Ales Kalita was initially a district commission, which found him worthless in service in the army, but later he was sent to the regional. Now Ales Kalita passes Republican honey commission.
With regard to student Dmitry Buyanova, sp.Ivanovski gave the following explanation:
"Do not clear the date of graduation. Years worth, and month and day — no. He needs to come to the draft board and pass the commission."
Ivanovo in a separate folder holds files of students enrolled in institutions zabugornyh. But questions of military enlistment has only to those who are trained by international assistance projects repressed students. Tags: students, dark, scroll, Kalinowski, the program

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