KGB arrested in the blast case only inspect

During the second half of July 10 a day or spouse detained Miroslav Lazovsky Nina Shydlouskaya visited Minsk insulator Akrestsin Street, where it appeared that her husband continued detention:
"It became clear just about the 1st of the detainees, Miroslav Lazovsky that he extended the detention of up to 10 days. For other 3 — this remind Andrew Korsak, Sergei numbers and Victor Leszczynski — find out more. Owing to the illegal we arrest, relatives, tomorrow plan to hold a press conference. "
By Nina Shidlovskaya new period of detention of her husband authorized the prosecutor, who referred to the fact that the law allows you to check not only for 3, but as needed, and 10 days. "Transfer to Miroslav accepted without problems", — said Nina Shydlouskaya.
Then in the detention center on Akrestsin accepted for transfer and Sergei Chislova which gave his mother Galina Chislova.
An employee of the KGB in Minsk and Minsk region said that detained in connection with the explosion Tipo only inspect the probable involvement of "destructive organizations," but they did not show the charges:
"Underway certain acts, certain verification activities, but so far no representations about them nobody does."
The Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is being investigated by the article "hooliganism", generally do not give comments about the arrest of former activists "of the White Legion". According to the manager of the press service Constantine Shalkevich, Media wrongly focused only on those persons meanwhile the checks are under way with other people:
"From the first days of such inspection and walked with others. Not I can tell, whether they were detained. You if eight o’clock there was talk, detention or not? "
A spokesman for the Interior Ministry did not answer the question whether there is in fact more of an explosion are placed in isolation, apart from former activists "of the White Legion".
Lawyer Paul Sapelka, which will protect the detainee Miroslav Lazovsky refrained from commenting on the case of its own client.
According to the chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Oleg Gulak, in an explosion in the different regions of the country have already interviewed more than 10 opposition activists. Views on the human rights activist, the investigation has found bias characteristic of the current government:
"Now it appeared that opposition activists recorded in" destructive elements "and therefore with them first carry out different conversations and verification. Because, of course, is some pressure on these people . "

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