Khabarovsk police have taken into operation two new boats

Transport police Far East engaged in a full refurbishment of its fleet. Today, the waters of the Amur were launched two new patrol boats "NorthSilverPRO 920", which are designed to protect aquatic biological resources in the vast expanses of the Amur basin.


As stressed opened the ceremony of launching the head of the Interior Ministry in transport by DFO Vasily Volkov, three boats of this type have already entered the service of the police in other parts of the Far East.

High-speed patrol boats "NorthSilverPRO 920" assembled in the shipyards of the northern capital specifically for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Their cruising speed — about 90 kilometers per hour. Once on the dock station Khabarovsk GIMS father held a prayer service and the police on the maritime tradition smashed against the side of one of the ships of a bottle of champagne, to assess the benefits of new technology on board the boats invited journalists. Roomy cabin was literally packed with the latest technology.

— Here's thermal imager, it allows even in the dark or thick fog on the river to find spaces lurking intruder — dismantles the workplace cop-minder Cyril Dadonov. — Yes, and the speed of these boats is such that in the Amur from us now exactly no one to leave.

— Technical equipment of the boats is very difficult. In order to put them into operation, had to contact the manufacturer to fully carry out run-in — told our correspondent, head of the Transportation Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation by DFO Vasily Volkov.

Each ship is equipped with modern computer and digital technology, DVRs, GLONASS and thermal imager.

In fact, judging by these shots taken RIA "Vostok-Media" during a demonstration call, the new boat to be extremely stable and maneuverable.

The cabin boats can easily live — there are comfortable chairs, electric and clean water.

— The experience of flight! The boat speed is very different from what it was. The department is very easy, set the device to automatically adjust the roll of the boat, the technique is great — his impressions of the trip assistant commander of the OMON Maintenance Vladimir Zubarev.

According to Police Major General Vasily Volkov, new boats provide law enforcement officials greater safety on the water. As already indicated RIA "Vostok-Media", in the lower reaches of the Amur poachers opened almost a guerrilla war against the authorities, who are trying to prevent the looting of living aquatic resources. Last year, in yet unexplained circumstances in the Amur estuary killed three employees of traffic police. Recently poaching boat rammed the patrol boat, killing another policeman.

When to replace the old Kazankov and "Cupid" will come throughout these modern boats, such incidents will become virtually impossible promises to guide traffic police to the Far East.

For the first combat mission boats go tomorrow.

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