Khabarovsk refinery nefteotvoda began construction of the ESPO-2

In the first phase of the plant is already in construction of routine post near the pumping station (PS-34) oil pipeline ESPO-2. The geographical location of the station and points — the neighborhood of the village Smirnovka Khabarovsk region.

The second stage — the construction of nefteotvoda — kicked off in March. Overall length — 28 miles, including one-tenth of the pipe will be laid in the city. This particularly important sector entrusted to master two specialist contractors with experience laying pipelines in residential areas. A unique technology called micro tunneling involves laying "pipe in pipe", which greatly enhances the security of the object. Microtunnel will be laid at a depth of 10 m below the surface of the earth.
Another "traditional" part of the 25.2 km long nefteotvoda will go through the Khabarovsk region. Contractors have also started to work on this site. Thus, the laying of the pipe starts simultaneously from two sites — a point of acceptance and the Khabarovsk refinery.
Complete construction is scheduled for early 2014. Nefteotvod ESPO-2 — Khabarovsk refinery will provide the 2014 Ride 2 million tons of crude oil since 2015 — 5,000,000 tons per year, adjusted in the long term supply of up to 6 million tons per year. In addition, the pipe will increase the security of supply, because it will be an alternative way of transporting raw materials. Currently, oil is supplied to the plant by rail only.

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