Kharkiv plant VLADAR mastered the technology of production of batteries biopolyarnyh

Kharkov battery plant "VLADAR" in cooperation with the firm Atraverda (UK) has mastered the revolutionary technology of the bipolar cells, UKRINFORM reports with reference to the marketing department of the company.

The highlight of the technology is in the performance of bipolar lead-acid battery. The technology is patented by the company Atraverda (UK). Now all lead-acid batteries are a single-pole, that is made up of positive and negative plates coated with active material. This leads to more complicated geometry of the electrode arrays and the reaction uneven in the active mass of the electrodes for adjustment.


The main advantages of the new technology are: modular design with the forming economical method for the production of the high-voltage battery. The small distance between the electrodes with low internal resistance provides a high capacity during charge and discharge with limited heat generation, uniform current distribution on the plate and on the whole pack as a whole, providing a high level of use of the active mass, and the durability of the battery with a significant re-use of energy.

The area of predominantly lead-titanium bipolar battery — stationary batteries, traction batteries for electric vehicles, etc. Now the factory is "VLADAR" spends bench testing of new batteries and prepare for entry into production.

REFERENCE. Kharkov battery plant "VLADAR" is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial lead-acid batteries and storage batteries in Ukraine. The basis of the production of the factory: batteries for locomotives, low-battery, made by technology "Calcium Plus" with plates of lead-calcium-tin alloy, lead-acid batteries avtoblokirovochnye (ABN-80-NF2) with plates of low-antimony lead alloy, stationary batteries for power plants and communication centers, and other products.

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