Kharkov Institute of Refractories has received an order to supply powder for processing diamonds


PJSC "Kharkov Institute of Refractories," was commissioned Enterprise "Diamond Technology" (Russia, St. Petersburg) for the supply of zirconia powder. According to the company, the supply of powder for diamond processing — a new area of application products research institute. Traditional consumers of the institute are refractory metals and glass factories, as well as engineering and engine company. About 40% of enterprise comes to Russia.

As noted in the Institute, also in the number of new consumers Institute — companies producing tires. Carbon black for tires produced in the reactors at a very high temperature, refractory materials for the reactor chamber bought the Kharkiv Institute. The institute also mastered the production of refractory materials for manufacturers of PVC material (from her profile to make doors and windows). The inner surface of the reactor, where the one of the syntheses lined with refractory materials SRI as other materials can not withstand temperatures in 2.2 -2.35 thousand degrees C.

Institute of Refractories founded in 1927, is the only one in Ukraine specialized institute of technology refractories.

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