Klimov: I’m a foreign body in our state

Hanna SousAndrew, you were asked to put the song "I’m Free" in the implementation of the "Leningrad". And you freedom?
Andrei Klimov: In fact, with each output of the bullpen freedom for me takes on new meaning. If I’m going to say that to me means freedom, for sure, I have sinned against the truth … I will say this, that I approached the realization that freedom — is happiness. But to say more directly, apparently, can not, because after the last release of all mixed up in my head — and happiness from what I’m free, that next to family, friends, the air, the sky overhead, and the disappointment of that came out — and nothing has changed in our country … And yet, a spiritual uplift me every day accompaniment, but a clear definition of this to give, unfortunately, I am not able to.
Sous: Over the last 10 years you’ve been three times a prisoner behind bars just spent more than 6 years. Andrew, it’s been 5 months since you came out of the bullpen. What are you doing right now?

I do catch up for lost time and health in relation to his own family — kids have grown up, behave independently … I’m trying to regain contact with them

Klimov: Nothing specific is not engaged, although the situation in which I presently helpful when health is undermined by these findings, the nerves are not in order after the last arrest, as all turned over in my head, and I could not understand why I was arrested and sentenced to two years of serious mode …
Putting aside the abstractions, I do catch up for lost time and health in relation to his own family — kids have grown up, behave independently … I’m trying to regain contact with them. The eldest son this year already ends Lyceum, the youngest almost 14 years, in front of me as the pope faces new tasks — that’s why I try to pay as much attention.
SousTatiana, you had to expect a wife three times from prison. What took you clink?

February 16, 2008. Tatiana meets a spouse after the third zyavolennya



Tatiana Leonovich
: Certainly, the third period was the most terrible, the most grievous. Here is such an example: the first people survive a heart attack, the second — to bring resuscitation, and the third time he might die … And with me in the third time — almost died …
Is whether in politics, experience Klimov?
SousAndrew, do you agree with those assessments that have been made?
Klimov: To be honest, somehow suddenly … I am accustomed to such terrible judgments in court that already act differently as a "foreign body" in our state do not take …
Nice to hear the voice Volodya Kudinova we always were friends when they were deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation … Thanks to my employee Alexander Dobrovolsky — I think it is an advance, since I have not yet earned itself something — go down in history — as a real change from my work not, somehow askew, aslant, suffer in the main my close and myself. ..
Sergei Skrabets — in his words also have fraction, although it seems to me that those people who deliberately take the path of political confrontation, which in our country is expressed in a very civilized, European-style — we just defend their point of view the fact that in our country were European democratic values. I do not see anything illegal, well, how can the authorities to protect … Most likely, this vestige of socialist perception Russian past, and every year they would go into the past …
I think on the latest developments related to the performances of young people, "Malady Front" — life goes on, people, Belarusians, change in the best side, because the rudiments of Soviet-perception of free thought people also will go into the past … Someday, maybe in the near future, the very notion of a political prisoner in the country will also be on the past. Very hunt this build.
Sous: Mrs. Tatiana, Alexander Dobrovolsky’s about originality says Andrew — it is true that it is not like it?
LeonovichYes, Andrew — very dedicated any business, and politics, too. I can only thank the emperor Dobrovolsky for such kind words in the address of Andrew and say that whatever disputes between politicians, all Democrats move the political process in one direction and should support each other.

SousAndrew, I remember at one point was the presentation of one of your books, and then still alive Eugene Budinas joked that you write books as Stakhanovite, very fast and a lot of … What you said that once with that same rate earned money, and now, as devoid of such ability, writing books with the same fervor. Tell me, please, on what is now your energy going?
Klimov: Unfortunately, with age, energy little faded, fewer forces … Certainly, I just aged very early — and perhaps this time bullpen … I catch myself thinking that the clock as a pensioner can sit by the window and just look at the life that passes by, silent watch over their babies … And what I was not even typical — to help his wife for household … And at this point it all brings me pleasure. Something can be changed, but maybe I just need to rest.

As a pensioner can sit by the window and just look at the life that passes by, silent watch over their babies … And what I was not even typical — to help his wife for household …

But in any case, active confrontation with the regime expresses its consequences, as the forces are very evenly — I speak as openly as deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation, which from the beginning advocated the supremacy of the Constitution in our country … And never pursued the goal to achieve the restoration of democratic values violence … But, unfortunately, in our country until the open position is perceived as a threat to the current government, and inadequate response, which is usually contrary to applicable law …
On the other hand, from time to time enter into me then, namely, cheers the fact that the current government so nasty "burp" on the statements that led me to the colony serious mode, as this indicates that they understand that published in 1996, and that he was a referendum illegal, and all subsequent actions are without any legal base.
SousTatiana, please tell me, I know that you recently received a second higher education — legal. How do you use your knowledge?
Leonovich: I would like to say that the legal knowledge needed me at the hearing on appeal to appeal, but because I had no illusions on this score, the verdict would be that of the same even if Andrew defended eminent lawyer scums … And now, my knowledge is not necessary, as we rest, are building around with friends, visit them.
SousAndrew, like you answered the question "What is necessary to be afraid of in prison?"
Klimov: Devil is not so, as it is painted — though in Europe we live … And we are sitting in jail not foreigners, and our Belarusians, who also read newspapers. I remember how in 2005, when they brought me to the alley with Volodarskogo Sappers, Minsk police council, where I announced that I was arrested and in jail zmyashchayusya to me the staff of the prison came in the chamber and asked for an autograph "Narodnaya Volya "… Always has been.

very primitive life prisoner, needs virtually no, we can not vsepolnotsenno live as free people, because most of the time spend in dreams, ideas, dreams …

I will not say that I feel myself comfortable, but I did not feel in the bullpen man who came from nowhere to nowhere .
.. Always had someone to talk to, and there are ordinary people, and, surprisingly, I think most of them are most concerned about what is happening at large, how they met later after the release of relatives and friends, they will be able to find their place in life. Since life prisoner very primitive and needs virtually no, we can not vsepolnotsenno live as free people, because most of the time spend in dreams, ideas, dreams …
I think about all the horrors bullpen — they have little exaggerated. We need to realize that those people who write books, make movies, want something to amaze own readers — is an element of the genre …
SousAndrew, you’re writing at the moment?
Klimov: At the moment I’m writing a book, the motive of which is my final conclusion, where I talk about the real reasons that most do not know — probably because the hearing was closed, and since my arrest was the eve of a big political game, which began develop only at the end of last year and which has not yet ended, but was suspended at first this year. The most significant factor that are certain processes in our country’s relations with the European Union, is precisely my premature release …
There will be arguments about how vraznastaiv filled my life and my role in the content of policy and relations with known and unknown people … I wish to look at the knitted life of Belarusians in this period of modern history, from the 1990s. on the true time, so it seems to me that we have enough harsh mental literature in the way in which Kundera wrote popular book "Unbearable Lightness of Being" … I do not pretend its laurels, but why not, hunting experience …
Andrei Klimov born September 17, 1965 in Minsk. Graduated from the Lviv fire-technical school. Served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs until 1991, and later founded the company "Andrei Klimov and K °».
By the mid-1990s Klimov went into one of the most recognizable Belarusian businessmen: ran a construction company that does more municipal orders, bank and headed paper of the same name (the "Bank Andrei Klimov" and "Andrei Klimov Newspaper"). Was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation, member of the Commission in economic policy and reforms.
Government harassment began after the fall of 1996 Klimov deputies signed the appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal parliamentarians demanding the impeachment of President Alexander Lukashenko. In February 1998, arrested and charged with theft and azhytsyavlenni business without a license. Klimov did not recognize the charges against him.
In March 2000, the Tribunal found him guilty of embezzlement in a particularly large size and sentenced to six years in prison. March 25, 2002 th was released on parole.
After the victory of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine Klimov announced that the Belarusian revolution will take place March 25, 2005. But in this day authorities broke up a protest on October poloshchy in Minsk. In June 2005, the Tribunal of the Central district of Minsk found A.Klimov guilty under the Criminal Code, "organization of group actions violating public order" and punished by restriction of freedom for 18 months. In December 2006, Klimov was released.
In August 2007, for publishing an article on the website of the Joint civilian Party (UCP) was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment in serious mode. The Tribunal saw the publication of a call for forceful change of government. The trial was held behind closed doors, and the verdict of the public, it became clear only after a week.
February 15 Klimov released by decree of Alexander Lukashenko for a pardon.
UCP member since 1997. Published several books: "The same Klimov," "Repentance revolutionary", "Barshchovski dreamer", etc.

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