Kosovo anthem without words

That the new Kosovo anthem has no words — a sure sign of the whole situation with the independence of the modern country. Kosovo authorities have learned from the events that occurred after the declaration of independence in February. Far not all countries supported the independence of the former Serbian province. Serbiya categorically refuses itself to recognize the sovereignty of Kosovo. Pristina is not kept under control northern Kosovo populated mostly by Serbs.
By the way, in response to the enactment of the Constitution Serbiya announced the development in the areas of Kosovo inhabited by Serbs, Parliament formed after the last municipal elections in Serbia.
In this situation Kosovo authorities do not wish to add fuel to the fire of conflict and the best celebration of the Constitution — the least ambitious than it was at the declaration of independence, and the national anthem without words to avoid creating feelings of Kosovo Serbs that Kossovskii government, populated mostly Albanians — a stranger for them.

At the ceremony, the Constitution enters into force very lofty speech was prime minister of Kosovo, the last rebel army favorite Hashim Thaci:
"This day the Constitution, and the Constitution is worth the blood of the victims and of our civilization. This is our vision of the future Constitution. This — the first constitution in the political history of Kosovo, based on the free will of its people."
President Fatmir Sezhyu in his speech stressed that the content of the Constitution — the latest evidence of the zeal of the country to global standards of democracy:
"I believe this is a historic moment for Kosovo. This — the end of construction in the country of Kosovo. This fundamental message to international community and the European Union, Kosovo — a democratic country, which took the best value and the highest international will continue to do so . "
But before This time there are many questions in the international legal status of Kosovo. Since 1999 the power produced in Kosovo, the UN, which had respective mandate of the Security Council. At the moment, those countries that have recognized Kosovo’s independence, as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon mean that the function of this part of the mission is over, that its ability must be transferred as the Kosovo authorities and the EU mission. They believe that the adoption of the Constitution is evidence of the readiness of Kosovo favorites to take full political responsibility for the situation in the country and the continuation of the UN mission, looks, in their opinion, unacceptable. Against this categorically Our homeland, which is not atknows how to Kosovo’s independence and capacity of the European Union in the management of Kosovo. Our homeland, which is a permanent member of the UN Security Council threatens to veto at least some decision to abolish the UN mission in Kosovo. Besides completely unclear how things will develop actions in the areas of Kosovo inhabited by Serbs — and themselves Kosovo Serbs and Belgrade heading for the establishment of these areas of power from the central avtonamnay Kosovo authorities.

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