L. Levin: Each building must be the soul of Belarus

With this issue we approached the designer Leonid Levin. He believes that there is a positive, but to the building must be treated carefully and thoughtfully:

"I love that builds something. If there is no operation of the cranes in the town, the city sleeps. And if there are cranes, the city is built. ‘Cause it’s great that there are cranes and city construction. But how to relate to the building of Minsk — it is another question. On this scale of building there are many colors. impossible to read that some dark or white ones. There are different paints. But the colors have a paint, and the city is the city. Currently such effects architecture abroad. I understand that at the moment time of globalization. I love Minsk. And he should have their face. Each building be Belarus soul. I’m not very satisfied, if there is the soul of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, or Berlin or London. "

Tags: Minsk, leonid, architecture, Levin, Belarus

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