Language remained two years

The law will take effect on September 1, 2010.
"All organizations — municipal and personal, nationals and stateless persons, foreign citizens residing on the territory of Belarus, written using the Belarusian language must be controlled by these rules, "- said the Chairman of the Commission on Education, Culture, Science and Scientific and Technological Progress Vladimir Zdanowicz, introducing the bill.
Vladimir Zdanowicz convinced that the new rules were "a Belarusian, more patriotic, more peaceful, in contrast to earlier — militarized and politicized."
Chairman of the Commission said that revised many rules. For example, with great little letters are written the names of all the deities.
Together with that committee chairman said that the whiteRussian language "Myagenkaya really."
"But what almost everywhere embed Myagenkaya symbol?"
According views V.Zdanovicha, No need to write words such as "flag" and "snow" through Myagenkaya symbol. "From this we refused," — said the deputy.
"With the passage of the controversy surrounding the language issue is not over. It will be necessary adopt additional rules, "- said Vladimir Zdanowicz.
V.Zdanovich: "All items should follow this spell"
"The rules of spelling develop people who want to spit on the Belarusian language"

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