Largest importers of Russian WEAPONS

Largest importers of Russian WEAPONS
2016 naikrupneyshim world importer of weapons, including Russian production, remains India, said on Thursday the director of the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument (TSAMTO) Igor Korotchenko.
«In 2012 and in the coming four-year period, from 2012 to 2015, India will retain the first place in the world by volume of imports of military goods,» — he said, RIA «Novosti».
According TSAMTO volume military India’s imports in 2012 amounted to 6.9 billion dollars, or 9.83% of total global imports of military purpose. With all this armament and military equipment worth about five billion dollars in India to supply our homeland.
«In general, in the coming four-year period, the volume of imports of military India will be more than 38.25 billion dollars, of which a total 14.3 billion dollars difficulties will occur in Russia. Second and third place in the ranking after India TSAMTO a predictable volume of arms imports in 2012-2015 occupy Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with the fruits of 29.57 and 16.4 billion dollars respectively, «- said Korochenko.
According to him, these countries are forced out of the top three winners of the U.S. and Australia, occupying the second and third largest importer of arms in 2008-2011. The expert added that with all this, the U.S. remains the world exporter naikrupneyshim guns once a year by supplying products to other countries military use more than $ 30 billion dollars.
«Russia can further strengthen its position in the arms market in India if it wins the tender for the purchase of non-nuclear submarines 6. Our submarine project 677E «Amur-1650» has an excellent chance of winning the tender due to its unique characteristics, «- said the director TSAMTO.
He recalled that the submarine «Amur-1650» with airindependent power plant (VNEU) together with submarines «SCORPIO» (France), Type-214 (Germany), S-80 (Spain) participates Indian tender Project 75 (I) to purchase of six submarines for the Navy’s total public cost 11.8 billion dollars. The contest was announced in September 2011.
«Our submarine will be able to adequately compete with foreign counterparts not only because of advantages in a number of major features, and cost characteristics of Russian proposals will also be very attractive,» — allocated to the agency.
Middle of December 2011 the press service of «Rosoboronexport» said the St. Petersburg Central Design Bureau (CDB) «Ruby», which is the designer of the «Amur-1650», India presented a draft of the ship, under the revised requirements.
Russian analogue of the «Amur-1650» — non-nuclear boat project 677 «Lada». In 2010, the lead ship of the project — a submarine «Saint Petersburg» — became part of the Navy of the Russian Federation.
Earlier, Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, who was then commander in chief of the Russian Navy, said first Russian non-nuclear submarine with VNEU can be created in 2014 on the basis of Project 677. Currently at «Admiralty Shipyards» laid two submarines of this project, plan to install VNEU. Development VNEU goes faster pace spices Central Design Bureau (CDB) «Ruby».

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