Learn soccer tournament. We play?

[B] prazdneg us prehoded [/ b] Championship Tupicico expected to begin in mid-August. There is a solid uchastnegov pool of six teams, as well as single kamenty from users, threatening to declare Rostov and Kazan. Khimki with Ramensky unfortunately have not responded. = (In general, [b] important for me to know how seriously Rostov and Kazan want to participate [/ b] and all that. Have my time to decide before the end of the week. So read the rules for the overall development =)) In general, I wait until the end of the week more specific feedback, and early next topic boobs reveal more detail. =) UPD: An important addition. Guys, if you want to declare the new team, then please do not complement their crumbs from the double-killers, or Youth. We're all fans here and all that. [B] Rules [/ b] [cut] here the other day, I sketched regulations of the championship 3. Venue and date of the Championship Tours 3.1 championship held weekly. Venue Stadium "Falcon" 3.2 Date of start of the championship and terms — September 22, 2007 — November 4, 2007 4. Championship participants 4.1 The tournament involves teams made up of members LiveJournal community in which fans are participating teams Russian football championship, held under the auspices of the Premier League and PFL 5. Representatives of the teams 5.1 Representatives of the teams (they are captains) are responsible for contacts with the organizers of the tournament. 9. The scheme and the rules Championship 9.1 Championship is held in a circular pattern in a circle 9.2 Championship games are held by the following rules: — for winning team receives 3 points for a draw — 1 point for a loss — 0 points — winner of the championship is determined by the highest number of points — in case of a tie among two or more teams are the owner of a higher place in the standings determined by the following factors: 1) the scores in personal meetings, and 2) superior goal difference in personal meetings, and 3) total goal difference, and 4) the number of goals goals, and 5) at equality of all indicators lot is cast 9.3 In case of equal points of the first and the second (subsequent) in the standings, regardless of the performance of personal meetings held gold match (tournament). 10. The timing and regulation 10.1 Match A match consists of two halves of thirty (30) minutes. In the gold match, in the case of a draw in regulation time, appointed two additional times for ten (10) minutes, as well as penalties (the first series — five strokes, follow — up to the winning goal), if and to the extra-time winner was not revealed . 10.2 Number of players: 7 in the box + 1 goalkeeper. 10.3 The match is held by the traditional rules of football with regard to the special rules of the game in this tournament: a) outside the gates of the game is forbidden, and b) tackles allowed c) angular resolution, and d) the ball is put out of his hands, and e) the performance penalty outs or "wall "relegated to 6 meters f) for violation of goalmouth a 7-meter penalty, g) from its player the ball into the hands of the goalkeeper does not take h) to" out of play "is not fixed, i) the number of replacements are not limited to (reverse replacement allowed), l) ball number 5 m) the size of the site — half a standard football field 11. Judging 11.1 Judging by independent persons who are not players participating teams tournament. 11.2 The match served by one arbitrator in the 11.3 Removing (red card or two yellows in one game), punished a player leaves the field for fifteen minutes. Accordingly, the team that player is in the minority within fifteen minutes. 11.4 Cards received by the player will not affect his participation in subsequent matches. Do not pay attention to the discrepancy numbering of the items, I just threw some things left in my opinion important. Read, ask a question, if any. PS Yesterday was talking with the leadership of the stadium, which is supposed to arrange merrymaking. Pre-scored the days and times. The next week rolled out a preliminary schedule.

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