Leonid Zaika: Belarusian people naturally lose

Rates bucks in exchange in the center of Minsk is very different from the official one. Now the rate of the State Bank in 2120 rubles worth a buck. But in exchange of the dollar price has reached 2170 rubles. Not all exchangers were bucks for implementation.
Purchase, for example, five thousand dollars can be exclusively in one of the 10 heat exchangers. In most cases, offered 500 bucks or less. Here’s what one of the pronounced Fri exchange:
Correspondent"You can buy bucks?"
Correspondent"There is no perfect?"
Cashier"No, no."
Correspondent"But why?"
Cashier"I do not know. Took everything. People took the customers. "
Correspondent"What, this problem with bucks?"
Cashier"Yes. Disassemble, and they are not in the bank, too."
In one of the exchangers I asked why such a big realizable value of the dollar — 2170 rubles? There replied that had increment rate to somehow reduce demand. But in the same amount requested exchanger bucks could not realize.
According to the management of the National Bank, the situation worsened in the money market, as delayed receipt of currency for the products supplied Belarusian enterprises. Many consumers are demanding a delay of 3-6 months. Because the National Bank supports the situation through their own foreign exchange reserves, the rate of increase is planned to accelerate. A first go in November first part of the Russian loan of one billion dollars. Allegedly, the money market in Belarus, "all right, all measured."
But control of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika believes that in reality the situation may not be reliable:
"If we have a lack of trade with Russia 8 billion dollars, where to get them to count? The rules of behavior of politicians — read at this time things quiet. ‘Cause right here Prokopovych doing. And here they understand, because, surprise, and Lukashenko voiced gratitude to the people of Belarus that they would not run for funds, there was no panic. "
But the chairman of the National Bank Prokopovich said that foreign exchange reserves is enough to preserve the stability of the Belarusian ruble in the coming year. This sovereign Zaika said
"Well, let the states. Because he acts as a priest: yes, God is there. Well, there is stability. If he had read the other, it would not be the head of the National Bank. He has since read. If he said — stability will not be then all would run in the exchangers and banks. If he did, it would be the end. Belarusian population, of course, will lose. and South American, and German, and French. banker who does not, they will lose. "

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