Let 1st elected. Subsequent time, maybe 3

Most of the Belarusian participants of the conference talk about the difficulties of the situation in the Belarusian society before the election, stated pressure on non-governmental organizations, who wish to to monitor the election campaign, on the detention of opposition activists in connection with the explosion on July 4, closed formation of election commissions. Representatives of the European Union expressed hope discreet about the fact that the authorities will hold elections more democratic than 4 years back.

Belarusian participants
The representative of Sweden, recently appointed salting this country Belarus Stefan Eriksson namely said that the forthcoming parliamentary elections will remain under close attention of European structures that rely that these elections will be a step in the direction of Belarus Democracy and Human Rights and allow it to take its place in the Council of Europe. Erickson said that Sweden as Chairman of the Council of Europe calls on the Belarusian authorities to hold free and fair elections, welcomed the invitation to international observers and asks the Belarusian opposition to the proposal to participate in the campaign because a boycott would only hand the current regime.

I have a pessimistic attitude about future elections, but in order to win, you must use all the skills

In future elections to be involved — says one of the organizers and a member of the conference "For a Democratic Belarus" in the Lithuanian Seimas Stasis Pyachyalyunas.
"I’m pessimistic about the future position of the election, but in order to win, you must use all the skills. Let 1st elected — is excellent, in subsequent times, maybe 3-elect. But come time when elect more than half. "
Members of the group "For a Democratic Belarus" Lithuanian Seimas are going to come to the Belarusian parliamentary elections on September 28, said Stasys Pyachyalyunas. He expressed hope that the Belarusian authorities are allowed to come to the polls, not 10s, and hundreds or thousands of international observers.

Meanwhile OSCE representative said that the first 12 so called long observers from organizations already come first of August. A member of the Finnish Parliament Sinikka Hurskainen, which is a member of the Sub-Group on Belarus in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, said she was going to come before the elections in Belarus jointly with PACE Rapporteur on Belarus Andrea Rigoni. During this visit meant to hold an election seminar and open information points of the Council of Europe in several towns of Belarus.

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