Liabedzka warned in connection with the publication of El País

May 19 Anatoly Lebedko sent to the Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich Appeal to conduct an investigation into the possible supplies of Belarusian weapons to Colombian rebels. Now he was summoned to the Prosecutor General, and warned about the responsibility for "pre incorrect accusation."
"At first, I was asked if I wanted to draw your letter as a statement or as information. If it was information, they should not be able to react to it, and if the application — then I warn in advance of responsibility for the wrong accusation by article 400 of the Criminal Code. I agree that my appeal was considered statement, and signed a paper on the responsibility, "said Anatoly Lebedko BelaPAN.
Recall: information about Colombian rebels attempted acquisition of weapons in Belarus, issued May 10 Spanish newspaper "El Pais". Edition cited letter 1st of Governors FARC Ivan Marquez to Raul Reyes, in what was a reference to the organization of "Angel" (according to the publication, Hugo Chavez) meeting with the militants "Belarusian friends" (according to the views of the newspaper, Viktor Sheiman) in Caracas on February 17, 2008 February 15-19 in Caracas, on an official visit of the Belarusian delegation headed by V.Sheymanom. Tags: Chavez, Liabedzka Vasilevich Sheiman, ale, Pais

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