List of metropolitan district commissions kept secret

Lists of members of electoral commissions, noted Nikolai Lozovik, shall be submitted to the Central Election Commission in the afternoon on July 15:
"We gave the executive committee of the current day one hundred percent, that they were engaged in the formation of commissions. Tomorrow at 10:00 waiting for their information."
Some areas of information about the formation of commissions already come. According to preliminary data, in DECs will work More than 20 representatives of the opposition. At the last parliamentary elections in the district commissions got only one member of the opposition.
But these numbers do not have to prick, said "Freedom" co-chairman of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko:
"We have so low level of involvement of political parties in the electoral process that now, whatever the number may be, can be read as an increase in interest rates is not as well at times. Because, if you look on the basis of common beliefs mathematics, progress will take.
But if we have a look at the quality of inclusion — for example, the United Democratic Forces and from the pro-presidential structures, then there is trend will reverse at times: for them — preferences, and for us — the braking process. "
Lebedko said now even impossible to do a complete analysis of the formation of electoral commissions, because it lacks all the information: for example, how many people from the opposition turned to urban county commission, and how — in rural:
"There is a city neighborhood where SLM always voted for the best, and rural, where some value is a list of the representatives of Lukashenko. And I think there will also be skewed to those neighborhood where we may not be as strong candidates and strong teams. I think that the government is also accounted for. "
Coordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko consider inclusion of a number of district committees of the opposition, "the result of the campaign":
"Power was respond in some way, because I did not notice it was already impossible. The company was under the care and international society, and hopefully, some voters in Belarus. Because such purely cosmetic steps and uses power.
But, unfortunately, the first conclusion is that the authorities again made or are covered under their control lots to such makarom dilute this percentage. After all of the favorites are the Communists Party Ms. Golubeva, with a land party. These are the games that in life we never litsezreem. And what power use during election campaigns. "
The greatest number of electoral commissions in Minsk — 20. But so far no details of the capital not. Now that reads this human rights activist Vladimir Labkovich:
"Categorically denied in Minsk in obtaining of information. And in the City Council, and the executive committee. Refers to the fact that the information is written in the newspaper" Minsk Courier "on Thursday. As I understand, refused to be at the meeting, representatives of public organizations For example, the BHC.
A political party representatives also currently denied access to disk imaging. They are sent to the newspaper. "

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