Lukashenka’s administration will rule career diplomat

Vladimir Mackey came to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus during the management of the Office of Peter Kravchenko, was on the team that organized the historic visit of U.S. President Bill Clinton in January 1994. Vladimir long time represented Belarus in Mackay Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where he reacted positively.
Previous Belarusian diplomat Misha Botian Vladimir knows Mackey.
"I faced it in Vienna, when he came before the visit Lukashenko at a conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Chernobyl. Stern, an experienced diplomat. Do not know what it is admin, but as a diplomat, I think he’s one of the best in Belarus."
By Misha views Father, Belarus especially that this position will be a qualified person that has experience at the international level.
"The ongoing reshuffle, personnel changes, and where it leads — see no need to jump to conclusions and advances do not."

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