Lukashenko called vetavats draconian law

In a letter to the executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists Joel Simon, sent by fax to the administration of A. Lukashenko noted that the law was approved without debate in parliament and public discussion and consideration of the views of journalists and media-independent.
According to the views of the Committee, that the law is adopted to facilitate municipal structures pripiranie-independent publications and extend control over the country are independent media and journalists. In addition bill contains a provision that would allow municipal governments to introduce strict control over information that is published on the Web.
"Oppression your everyday administration reincarnate media website in the last refuge for-independent journalists. But the proposed bill allows the government to censor the web. Equate project offers publications on the Web with conventional media and impose on them the same restrictions. In addition, Articles 11 and 17 of the bill provides additional opportunities Council of Ministers to refuse registration of web resources and to prohibit the spread of the network based disk imaging, "writes Joel Simon said Alexander Lukashenko.
In the end, he urged the Belarusian president not to sign the "draconian law" and return it back to parliament, urging deputies to join a lively and constructive debate-independent journalists, media experts, human rights activists.

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