Lukashenko finds an excuse to break Medvedev

It is expected that the parties will discuss Russian gas supplies to Belarus.
Visit Belarus both controlled conditions during a telephone conversation on June 10 after the CIS summit in St. Petersburg. At this summit, Dmitry Medvedev held bilateral talks with the favorites of 9 community. There was a meeting with the President of Kazakhstan, as Russian president recently made its own first zabugorny visit to Astana. Dmitry Medvedev has also not met with Lukashenko.
The reason for the first visit to Belarus and the first meeting with the head of the country would be "nation-wide day of memory of victims majestically Russian war." It is expected that Medvedev will arrive in the afternoon, when start a rally-requiem and funny day.

Please note that Lukashenko at the moment One of the most of old and experienced president in the FSU. A.Suzdaltsev

During the meeting in Brest, Belarus and Russian leaders raised questions of supply Russian gas to form a common economic and customs space. Capital analyst Andrew Suzdaltsev Pronunciation:
"On the other hand, we are here in Moscow is well aware that Alexander Lukashenko finds an excuse or an opportunity to break the young Russian president. And ambience Lukashenko urged on him that he did the boy, Medvedev broke. I do not know. Please note that Lukashenko at the moment one of the most experienced presidents of old and the former Soviet Union. Because meeting will be very fascinating. "
According to the control center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk, Medvedev wants his arrival in the fortress noted that he cherishes the past that connects voedinyzhdy country.
"It will be such a visit purely diplomatic, historical. It will focus on the past, not the future. When Medvedev would talk about the gas, the heads of our people, the administration would have worked very very. And would read — that’s when we were attacked by the Germans and now forward, "Gazprom". Because I think the Kremlin would do, so it was just a ritual, a diplomatic visit. A debate about the gas energoelementy, about companies and banks they will leave for technical talks, which leads Putin, not Medvedev. "

It will be such a visit purely diplomatic, historical. It will focus on the past, not the future. Ya.Romanchuk

During a press conference nedavneshney salting Russian Alexander Surikov said that the price of Russian gas Belarus in 2009 could reach $ 200 for a thousand cubic meters or "a bit higher this number, looking at how the situation develops." Official Minsk laid in the draft budget for the cost of gas is about 140 bucks and expects a further Russian credit of 2 billion dollars.
Yaroslav Romanchuk said:
"Our homeland is now doing his and her task — so as not to frighten Lukashenko expansion of Russian capital to achieve a situation where not counting oil and gas dependence appears more powerful dependence on Russia." Tags: Lukashenko, Brest, Medvedev, gas

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