Lukashenko necessary contacts with the Vatican to improve style

"The authorities of Belarus and Lukashenko are interested in this, to show the world that they are open and able to cooperate. So makarom, on my eyes, Benedict XVI’s visit to happen. "
By Tadeusz Gawin, reality has changed and the Kremlin’s position relative to the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church:
"They are better than Benedict XVI, than to John Paul II. And maybe then, authorities Belarus and Lukashenko went to such contact with the Vatican, maybe it indicates, that Moscow would not oppose. "
Emperor Gavin believes that since the Vatican has the authority and impact in the world, Belarusian authorities can count on it, trying to change their own style. But it requires no visits, and democratic reforms, tolerant approach to religious minorities and government — concluded Tadeusz Gawin.

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