Lukashenko promises to liberalize the economy

"We must take the current situation and make decisive steps towards liberalizing the economy and people’s lives in general and de-bureaucratization of the entire system. And by January 1, we have in this regard to make the most" — said Lukashenko.
As examples, he cited the need to abandon the excess of income declaration and facilitate the registration of companies — right up to the declarative principle of registration.
"At this point in principle to do what we have always feared and what did not.’s Not true that the free market economy and business in terms of competition, releasing ability of the economy — it’s bad. This they finish up to the West that have ruined the market economy and devalued these concepts. Nothing disgusting is not that we will have a free economy, without undue burdens and shackles, this is no threat. Since the main levers of economic management and other sectors, we have not lost, "BelTA quoted Lukashenko.

Tags: Lukashenko, economics, Stalin

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