Lukashenko stopped loving meeting without ties?

Paul Lung — Managing press service Alexander Lukashenko, I asked at the summit scheduled bilateral meeting between President of Belarus:
"I do not know how it Putin, Nazarbayev either Yushchenko. By our country I do not give any disk imaging. I do not know. This informal summit. And it is hard for a few days to plan something. "
Sovereign Light apparently uttered. Russia is no longer headed by Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. Capital analyst Andrey Suzdaltsev, who previously lived and worked in Belarus, said that with the new Russian President Alexander Lukashenko to be more problems than the previous:
"Lukashenka just in the near future is not very satisfied with the informal meeting, without ties. He soon became a fan of any procedures, ceremonies. Why? And since there are questions that he was asked back in Last year in December. What? First — prayasnenne integration project: what do we do with the integration between Russia and Belarus? That will do with Russian ruble? When eventually we will hold a referendum?
On these questions Moscow answer he can not. And because there is a question about the visits. What makes sense to go to Minsk Medvedev, if no response from Minsk. Means because there is no meeting. "
Chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina said: case Moscow with Alexander Lukashenko still persist for some time:
"I think some tough questions of the Belarusian-Russian relations will not be considered now. Lukashenko But this is another chance to convince the emperor than or Medvedev.
In the coming years, until another gas pipeline to Europe, Our homeland will look through your fingers on the Belarusian regime. The reason — the need to maintain constant transit. As soon as a new way to deliver gas to Europe, then the power will be a different story.
But the very fact that unlike Yeltsin and Putin, who after his election to the presidency, came first in Minsk and showed allied mood, Medvedev did not do it — as I think, it is very significant fact. "

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