Lyabedzka: The authorities have started political terror

"The authorities have taken political terror. We will encourage people to come to the rally of solidarity. Currently worth and the question of boycotting the elections, who appointed himself Lukashenko. He pushes us to boycott it campaign.
This is a demonstration of the power of helplessness as she works unprofessional. What does it mean to come to the person to break, break down the door, pick up nails and arrest the person. It’s just is a campaign to intimidate the people, that they should not perceived role in the elections. Lukashenko is afraid of these elections and wants to make the situation of psychosis. Then we will not have until the election, we will think about the people who are sitting in jail, and not about how to work with voters. It is used at the moment is one hundred percent. Crusade began. "

Tags: election, detention, Liabedzka explosion

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