M.Grib: The accusation opponents Belarus sends a consequence the wrong way

Even the removal from office of State Viktor Sheiman and control of the presidential administration Gennady Nyavyhlas that are not formally responsible for mass events, adds complexity operatives. As was the case with a number of crimes loud, top-down plan for fast search intruders forces missed the first-best suspects, not zaglyblyayuchysya in the matters.
Why did the authorities in critical situations, try to stay away, and public opinion to bring virtual "enemies of Belarus?" And whether it is possible with the application of large stands to take as a typical pressure on the investigation?’s Outlook Mieczyslaw Grib:
"I think ever since the Russian government leaders from different regions have attempted to show that all of them relaxed, harmless, under control, etc. And if the case is serious and heinous crimes on one or another area, all in a hurry to assure top management that in fact everything is fine, but did some "thug", or came by accident, but it does not concern the region’s population, etc.
Eagerness to show his face in the best possible way, than it is in fact — it was once and it still is. And get rid of it very hard. But as a person who in the internal affairs of 36 calendar years worked in various positions, I wish to say that any interference in the investigation of crimes, particularly serious crimes first, pre-charge "enemies" or someone else sends a consequence, can not very real way to track down and arrest the real offender.
I believe what you need somehow refrain from these expressions. Do not need to make any conclusions, especially for people who take very highest positions. After all, if the person with the highest bleachers said something exactly, it is actually perceived as fact. As an event that happened, and the direction in which to work. Can intuitively he gets to the point in the sky, as expected, but it is, in my eyes, not must practice, since it interferes with the message of truth impartially investigate and prevent work investigator and operational employees. This seems to me not to do. "
Mieczyslaw Mushroom started in the internal affairs in Vitebsk region. In 1981 he was appointed head of the protection of public order BSSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1985 — Managing the Internal Affairs Department of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, headed by team of investigators to uncover kills give the terrain area.
In 1993 Mieczyslaw Mushroom first in Belarus was presented to the rank of "lieutenant general of militia." Honoured Lawyer of the Republic of Belarus.
Since 1990 — deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus. Chairman of the Supreme Council of XII convocation, deputy of the Supreme Council HIII convocation. Under starshynyavannem Mieczyslaw Mushroom March 15, 1994 the Belarusian parliament adopted a constitution Republic of Belarus.
Since the beginning of the presidential campaign in 2006 — at the headquarters of the then presidential candidate, chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Alexander Kozulin.

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