M.Grib: Why sonorous case converted to visyak?

Such, in general, was in the practice of the Belarusian law. By exposing the problems of justice in the midst of the 1980s was added our public editor Mieczyslaw Mushroom. His band for the disclosure of rapes and murders in the Vitebsk region ladies learned that for 15 years wasand wrongly convicted 13 people, some of them shot.
New History of Belarus was marked more sonorous violence. Kill the 1st of the companions of Alexander Lukashenko, the president’s Comptroller Eugene Mikolutskogo; disappearance of opposition politicians, gang "firemen", "morozovtsev"; Grodno police maniac; attacks in Vitebsk and "hooliganism" on the night of July 4 in Minsk … Some illegal things were revealed long, but, at least, there are punished, while others, as they say on police jargon, and remain "visyake." Why tightened disclosure of crimes has become almost the norm? Or manifestation of this incompetence of those who take up the complicated matter? Why it happens that the police themselves in the end or are rapists, or work in close contact with the bandits? And what is common between the various crimes, formally united in "sounding things"? Listen outlook Lieutenant General retired police Mieczyslaw Mushroom:

"There are two manifestations of the atrocities, and to connect them voedinyzhdy maybe not. Regarding Mikolutskogo murder — is one thing. Disappearance our opposition figures — a stretch also include here. Regarding the case of Gomel Grodno either — it’s quite another direction.
In the first case hastened to assure all blood from the nose of these crimes will be uncovered offenders will be delayed and given by the tribunal. Really it did not work out, suspects or commit suicide, or maybe some other way died, but almost at the dock, it seems no one has not been.
With regard to the disappearance of politicians and journalists, and also states promised — reveal, imprison. In fact Tribunal passed through several people who were suspected of kidnapping of journalist Dmitry Zavadsky Tipo and murder, but where the corpse — so no vyznat. Now they are in prison, and where the body Zavadsky — as previously unclear. On the other missing politicians also do not understand.
Relatively Gomel and Grodno — so there is a different matter. Did not notice the local heads of law enforcement bodies of those things which were held in their regions. I think they quite honestly do their duties. Criminal group operating for 10-15 years, which involved hundreds of people, hundreds of injured, impossible not to see. With all this terrible crime, even murder — is simply impossible not to see and how I think, not so difficult to discover them.
But, as we see, on the same Gomel convicted Managing Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which shows one thing — corruption. True collaboration between law enforcement, to be to fight against this evil, and criminal structures, cover them. What is shown in the movies, especially Russian, as are criminal groups — it was ours. How to use such criteria — advice I can not give the authorities. But nowadays, when I worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for acts such people were punished very, very severely. "
Mieczyslaw Mushroom started in the internal affairs in Vitebsk region. In 1981 he was appointed head of the protection of public order BSSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1985 — Managing the Internal Affairs Department of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, headed by team of investigators to uncover kills give the terrain area.
In 1993 Mieczyslaw Mushroom first in Belarus was presented to the rank of "lieutenant general of militia." Honoured Lawyer of the Republic of Belarus.
Since 1990 — deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus. Chairman of the Supreme Council of XII convocation, deputy of the Supreme Council HIII convocation. Under starshynyavannem Mieczyslaw Mushroom March 15, 1994 the Belarusian parliament adopted a constitution Republic of Belarus.
Since the beginning of the presidential campaign 2006 — at the headquarters of the then presidential candidate, chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Alexander Kozulin.

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