Mark Zeltser: My brother is slowly killing

Brother arrested Mark Zeltser believes that his brother behind bars not specifically provide appropriate pharmaceuticals.
More than 3 months back, on March 12 in Minsk Airport was arrested U.S. lawyer Emanuel Zeltser, who arrived in Belarus on a private jet former Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. Emanuel Zeltser was sent to jail KGB ("American") and put it against the charge of forgery. Later, at a meeting with the employee of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus Caroline Savage Emanuel Zeltser said that in the first days of his arrest after Tipo beaten.
Brother arrested lawyer Mark Zeltser, who lives in New York, does not rule out that his brother "knocked recognition." Second measure of impact, Mark Zeltser, was that "do not give the brother of pharmaceuticals, which he had brought from America, and without which there can. Doing this slowly killing him," — said Mark Zeltser:
"His health is currently catastrophic. Slowly killing him. A than one consider the fact that not give medication? Do not give medications that he takes 15-20 years. In what other country could this be? "
According to Mark Zeltser has three doctors from the United States sent letters KGB in which confirm that Emanuel Zeltser subscribed medicines that investigators were taken away as a confirmation of drug smuggling. Doctors say that without these pharmaceuticals "in the body of their client will begin irreversible processes."
Mark Zeltser believes that it has already happened. He refers to the employee of the U.S. embassy, which in late May attended Emanuel Zeltser in the bullpen:
"It says that he can not walk, read virtually impossible. Give him some stocks, after which, he says, he had a sore back. Guess in grub is something there. ‘Cause I have impression that they simply wait until he dies. "
The press service of the Belarusian KGB said: news in Emanuel Zeltser not. I recall more than a week back the head of the service Nadtochaev Valery said that the case of the South American lawyer soon graduated and will transfer to the tribunal. "If that happens, we will inform" — read KGB. Messages This time not.
Also unclear is put Emanuel Zeltser charged with the trafficking of drugs, as stated by early June.
Now Emanuel Zeltser’s lawyer visited the KGB bullpen. Comment on the Tipo forged documents lawyer refused because "the case classified." The lawyer believes that his client if the case goes to court, then "both charges will be combined into one case." With all this said Dmitry Harachka baseless claims against his client in connection with the drug. Here that said Dmitry Harachka about the health of Native Client:

Complains to health, lack of pharmaceuticals for back pain. States that it is hard to swallow, pain is in the back. This is associated with worsening disease. Walks a little and tries to hold on to the wall.

"It looks difficult, complains to health, lack of pharmaceuticals, for back pain. States that hard to swallow, pain is in the back. This is associated with worsening disease. Strolled a little and tries to hold on to the wall, for sure."
Brother arrested Mark Zeltser believes that KGB investigators Tipo "coordinate their actions with Boris Berezovsky" during their own trips to London. That such meetings took place, the last Russian oligarch admitted in an interview with the newspaper "Kommersant".
Recall lawyer Emanuel Zeltser was in Badri Patarkatsishvili, a Georgian oligarch who died suddenly in London. According to one version, Zeltser was a victim fighting for his legacy, which are family of the deceased, his half-brother Joseph Kay and Boris Berezovsky. Tags: Seltzer, Berezovsky, fever

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