Masterpieces in the near future in Belarus does not appear

A bronze bust of Tadeusz Kosciuszko his authorship is set to the area of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk and nobody sees.
Significant monuments since independence in Belarus has not appeared. They are generally not built enough, and among those who have been delivered — no masterpieces — convinced Ales Shaternik.
"I do not know why … do not appear to masterpieces masterpieces needed money and the concerns of the country, and if we have that attitude to our culture, then how do they sound?"
In this new monuments often melts in the ancient surroundings. Polotsk, for example, in front of the brand new bronze monument stands Simeon of Polotsk concrete Lenin with a broken finger.
"And that put a lot of monuments, say, babe with seeds or devchenke with an umbrella, such statues can exist … But in our history, our culture, there are so many actors that just are not marked, and it’s a shame. Same area Freedom in Minsk, where put an iron wagon with a horse could stand monuments Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, Syrokomlya, Moniuszko. these monuments do not have. "
Pans many architects, but the country has other values, says Shaternik.
He recalls that the first independence of Belarus in Minsk put a monument to Maxim Gorecki, with addition time monuments Belarusian writer did not put. In the best case — plaques. But Vasil Bykov and Signs not predict. But founded memorial "Stalin Line" with a huge bust Russian dictator.
Lenin and Kalinin as before dominate the Belarusian towns. Some of them — units — really have any artistic value, says Shaternik. But over time, most destined to get melted down — he says:
"Time does his. Gradually superficial floats instead remains poor. How Scorina same monument in Minsk."

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