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According to legend, Vinogradova snails in Belarus brought to XV-XIV century. Aristocrats were decorated them gardens and parks. Little later start using snails as gourmet treats during the festive balls and receptions. And at the same time began to export snails. Case brought huge amounts of money, but with the disappearance of the class have forgotten the nobility of her century. In 1993 he revived. And several companies in Belarus began buying applicable for food shellfish family ellipse and selling them in Europe. Manages the manager of one of these companies:
"Once this work takes 5 companies in Belarus, including and mine. Now the company has remained manapalistkay "Moka" Grodno. It is necessary to have a permit, and apart from the fact capture quota Vinogradov cochlea of nature. "
Deputy Director said Grodno office "Moka" vlitak personally never cooked:
"It is very difficult to manufacture. We have, for example: in the cafe" Moka ". Very many restaurants in Minsk. In large universamah Minsk as they are. "
In the "Central" universame Minsk my question about Vinogradova snails are not realized, but confidently pronounced that it is not available. In the "Jubilee" went to inspect, there is but sorrow told that there is none. Promised recently to order. Natalia shopper noted that long already notices on the shelves beloved delicacy:
"Previously, we often take. Spouse did not love, and I really relish. In addition, we collected, retained actually sink to later use them in home design. But soon very rarely see them. "

Once the job of the 5 companies in Belarus, now left alone monopolist

In the midst of other guests shop overseas fans once delicacy could not be found:
Reporter: "Have you ever taken Vinogradovas snails"?
Woman: "No, never heard."
"And you?"
Lady: "I never."
Woman: "Yes, beheld in the sale, it would be very curious to buy it someday, but the cost — 12-14 bucks — I was, to put it mildly, has stopped."
The restaurant "Brigantine" Victory Square number dubbed more moderate:
Admin: "Yes. 20 thousand — a portion."

People still unusual to have such delicacies …

Reporter: "And how many pieces portion"?
Admin: "6."
I called about 10 ka restaurants in the capital, among which were the ones that position themselves as exotic as Chinese, Japanese, French. "Brigantine" was the only one where the menu was Vinogradov snail.
And in the restaurant "Dragon Gate" explained that had Fri abandon this menu:
"Since we do not need. Not really they have walked. Fact people still unusual to have such delicacies."
Nyazvyklasts Belarusian buyers to Vinogradova snail delicacy does not reduce the usability of their implementation over the limit. Manages the office manager, who previously served buying Vinogradovas snails
"On present day snail is found locally on former estates. Used in 2-directions. 1st course — as a delicacy. In other words, caught, processed meat, and later again preparing prescription and vorachivaetsya sink. And these shells, cooked according to a special recipe in the microwave and serving — 150 euros in European decent restaurant. Here for you a secret profit. And here they cost 500 rubles "
Second action line snails more lucrative but long:
"And you can — people have already done so — people are gaining snail bred their farms, and later sell young. In order to get a" pradavabelny "product, it is necessary for them to grow, the 2 — to 3 cm."
But income from collecting snails Vinogradovas Belarusian people — very temporary:
"2 month harvest season continues. Usually May-June and all. Next they hide, to spawn in the ground hiding in a hole … you will not find later."

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