Mexico acquired two UAVs «Domineytor XP»

Mexico acquired two UAVs
Mexico acquired two Israeli unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) «Domineytor XP» (Dominator XP).
Israeli developer of UAV «Aeronautics’s Defense Systems» (Aeronautics Defense Systems, ADS) confirmed the Spanish website, which signed a contract for the supply of 2-systems of the armed forces of Mexico.

The composition of ALS include drones «Domineytor XP», made on the basis of the twin-engine commercial aircraft «Diamond» (Diamond) DA42. UAV «Domineytor XP» can stay aloft for 28 hours and carry a load of 300 kg.

Flight altitude 9150 meters achieves the highest velocity of 351 km / h

Middle of 2011, after obtaining permission from the Israeli Ministry of Defence company ADS performed the first export delivery of ALS under a contract with Turkey. Total Turkish armed forces were delivered two UAVs «Domineytor XP».

In the armed forces of Mexico operated two UAVs SA-2-37 of «Schweitzer» (Schweizer), set by the United States and built a comprehensive system of aerial surveillance SIVA (Integrated Air Surveillance System) Mexican Air Force, along with 3 aircraft «Embraer-145 »(Embraer 145) plane» Fayrchayld «(Fairchild) C-26A and UAVs» Hermes 450 «.

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