Mighty God again in Mogilev

Gathered in the middle of the celebration were the Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, the Vatican representative in Belarus, Archbishop Martin Vidovic, salting Petko Ganchev, also head of the consular department of the Embassy of Poland in Belarus Krzysztof Sviderak.

Palace of Culture before the opening of the festival "God Almighty"
See the opening of the sixteenth Festival of Sacred Music "God Almighty" in the Palace of Culture came about a thousand Mogilev Mogilev. On the opening of the festival in Russian chairman of the Mogilev city executive committee announced Victor Shorikov.
Festival blessed Catholic and Orthodox priests.
Archbishop Martin Vidovic conveyed greetings of Pope Benedict XVI Mogilev, guests and participants of the festival:

Festival greet and bless Kondrusiewicz and Martin Vidovic
Welcomed the festival and Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz:
"The festival was opened. I heartily congratulate you on this occasion. Browsing this forum has become a forum in which uchavstvujut other denominations, particularly Orthodox Church. And this is states that, what we strive to do good through music. "
The festival is also blessed by Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarch of All Belarus Filaret:
"Festival" God Almighty "could be called a festival of unity creative souls and hearts. Believe that this unity Belarusian people acquires greatness and happiness of which readssmiling in a hymn that he gave the title of our festival. Powerful God, we appeal to the creators, make strong, make happy our country and our people. "
At present, the festival brought together musicians from eight countries: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, United States America, China, Germany, Belarus and Russia. In a competitive festival programmke perceive the role 10 singers and 15 choirs. The competition jury is headed by Russian artist Stanislav Kalinin. The jury consists of musicians from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Poland.
What attracts Mogilev Festival "God Almighty", and they behold the configuration in it:
Man: "No, nothing else in the town closer to the spiritual. During these sixteen years, nothing found."
Lady: "I’m waiting for him for a year. First festival they were the second level. They were more cheerful and bright. Now, perhaps, become more prof, but the spirit of the festival came a little. "
Man: "I still have memories of the very first festival. Then it was a breakthrough in some unknown place. And the memories remain, and because I try to be at the concerts of the festival."
In today’s festival in the church of St. Stanislaus commemorate Vladimir Rovdo, who for fifteen years presided over the jury of the competition applets, but Professor Guy Picard-musicologists, 1st of the founders of the festival and its guardian. In their honor on the evening of memory of the first time you hear liturgical music "Belarusian Mass". It was written by the composer from St. Petersburg Igor Matievsky. Title of the festival comes from the eponymous musical work poetess Natalia Arsenyev and composer Nikolai Rivne. According to the provisions, all the participants must know the hymn "God Almighty" in the original language. Typically, the opening and closing of the festival anthem "God Almighty." At the end of this festive anthem sounded too. Tags: Roman, Mogilev, a powerful god, dad

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