Mikhalevich: Game was and is my homeland

Mikhalevich does not preclude the ability gurtavannya own fans.
"In the Sun, when we plan a day or agenda of the Diet, as well as on Friday at board meetings and the Political Party, a word about this question was not. Because for me it was made entirely of a sudden. I feel the pain, because since 1993, since I turned 18, I immediately joined the Party of the BPF. In companies BPF I participated since 1989. And the fact that the diet decided to expel me, for me, is a very nasty solution. "
Sovereign Mihalevitch said that he was not invited to the meeting of the Party Control Commission, and its managing correspondence written advice Sojma exclusion.
As sovereign Mihalevitch motivation refers to exceptions to comment Liavon Borshevsky that "sovereign Mihalevitch refused to make the decisions already taken Sojma party", etc.?
"There is a party decision about party discipline and ethics that prohibits public criticism of the government. I am sure that this decision is contrary to the Charter, which is the position of the plurality of views, intra-party democracy, etc.. And I just read a democratic press, for example, an Internet resource "Solidarity" that I think about the situation, about the events. And that, in practice, served as the formal prerequisite for exceptions. "
— What are your next plans? Will this lead to the Party crisis, split in the party?
"I personally have no splits do not intend to, but do not exclude that such methods ultimately can lead to a split.
I plan on this day and think, than going to do and how to behave on. Do not have any specific answers ready, but the decision will be accepted lately.
I think that the deputy chairman, who in the election for the presidency of the party received last Congress almost half of the votes and that was completely convincing majority elected deputy chairman at the last Congress, is excluded by the Sejm — the body that is not the supreme governing body, and not far most presentable — it is very rough and harsh political mistake. "
Sovereign Mihalevitch said that he had received several hundred calls from people outraged by the actions of the Sejm.
"I joined the party in 1993. Party was and is my homeland. I feel member of the party. "
Mikhalevich said, after Sejm had no dialogue with the chairman of the BPF Party Lavon Barshcheuski:
"The Emperor Barshcheuski allowed such expressions and before the Sejm -" me or him. "I, at least, never allow such expressions will not. When I’m sick to work, if I fundamentally, that deal was done, I am ready to put the matter up their sympathy or antipathy towards others. "

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