Minister Naumov blames media

June 6 at the press center of the State brought Russian journalists who were invited to Belarus at programmke lighting to combat human trafficking.
At a press conference Interior Minister Vladimir Naumova, dedicated topic, came and Belarusian journalists. Among other, the minister was asked about the situation in the country’s traffic police. Whether the police are equally aggressively punish all violators of the rules in including and among the police themselves? Minister Naumov assured that this will dosmiling and done already. Example — will soon be Tribunal over traffic police, who formed the so-called "human shield."

Media have accused officials of traffic police before the investigation began

Recall: as reported, the police put across Highway personal auto to suspend drunk driver, and eventually hit innocent people. "Why did the police gave an opportunity then this driver without any traces disappear?" — Asked the Minister Naumov correspondent of Radio Liberty. Responsibility for this Interior Minister laid on the journalists themselves:
"It’s somewhat stupid question. It happened because the media have accused officials of traffic police before the investigation began. And so we can not do that here Mentyukov did sin, we have not carried out any investigation, and it is necessary to detain. And so it was . Whilst we performed dissections, Mentyukov left and is currently wanted. "
Recall the incident occurred on March 2. March 11 about the incident, it became clear from the non-state media, which have addressed the affected citizens. 14th Prosecutor’s Office opened a case on the traffic police officers, and even more the case against Roman Mentyukov the police was not opened. Say about it, when it became clear that the driver has not returned from Moscow, where he participated in the TV show.

Beer consumers "on the streets behave not rigidly "

Victim Alex BERESNEV disagrees with the Minister of Internal Affairs to blame for that driver until now not judged:
"I think the guilty policemen. Time was enough to understand, even more so taking into account the particularities of the case and the personality of this Mentyukov. He even talk show Malakhov felt like a hero, I thought. "
Alexei BERESNEV not exclude that in the beginning the traffic police tried to silence the incident, and that used Roman Mentyukov.
Minister Naumov Belarusian journalists also reminded of political prisoners, whose number increased again in jail. This Vladimir Naumov said that he knew nothing about the existence of political prisoners is unclear, and the criminals he does not consider political prisoners.
Russian journalists were taken aback number of drunk young people that met in the evening on the streets of Minsk. "Previously, such was not!" — Said the Russian correspondent. Vladimir Naumov said that the Belarusian police sought the imposition of liability for drinking beer on the streets, but was powerless against the "beer lobby." The presence of such lobby the Minister confirmed the figures:
"Consumption of beer last 4 years we have annually increased by 20-25%."
With all this, Vladimir Naumov believes that consumers of beer "on the streets do not behave rigidly."

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