Minister Naumov: I do not know about political prisoners

Correspondent Radio Liberty reminded the minister about nedavneshnih condemnation Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich and another 14-minute protest rally participants businessmen. Reporter asked, does the political police orders to prosecute opposition. Here is the answer minister Naumov.
"My position, you know — I did not know who the political prisoners. If you state that they had one, and at the moment three, the exact amount has tripled. Press office of the Interior Ministry is ready to show the video to all journalists, in which you will see their misdeeds. When young people with stones and sticks thrown at police officers and ordinary people who run public transport. If your eyes are political offenders, surely you only think so. Others believe that it is ordinary crime and for this they were convicted. The only thing we, as a fairly humane government proceeded from the fact that those who have caused damage to citizens punished more severely. And those who behaved less rigidly bound to penalties. "
By Vladimir Naumov, that one of the accused, businessman Sergei Parsyukevich, last policeman himself "does not give him license to crime case."
Observers at the trial of the 14th rally participants business on January 10, which was held in the Central district court of Minsk, they say that the trial did not show frames on which the web site "boys with sticks and stones."
Sergei Parsyukevich argued in court that Actually that he was beaten in Akrestsin watchmen bullpen, where he was taken after a meeting on January 10th.

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