Ministry of Justice against Chernobyl Initiatives

"We did not have gained the answer to the question about what provisions of the statute contrary to the laws of association," — said the initiator of creation BelaPAN organization, corresponding member of the State Academy Belarus Ivan Nikitchanka.
"The letter, acquired from the Ministry of Justice on July 16, the refusal to register the center motivated by the fact that some of the initiators of association is not present at its founding meeting. But that does not correspond to reality," — said the emperor Nikitchenko.
First meeting of members of the association took place on September 29 2007. Registration documents were filed with the Ministry of Justice on February 15 2008. Then the bureaucrats refused registration center on the grounds that at the organizational meeting was attended not all founders.
Second meeting was held on March 22. Whereupon statutes were re-oriented in the Ministry of Justice, the scientist recalled. In May bureaucrats told defer registration documents: they say, certain provisions of the statute contrary to the law center.
Sovereign Nikitchenko states that the founders of creation of the center will negotiate a solution to the Ministry of Justice Supreme Court Belarus.
He noted that the Center for Support of Chernobyl initiatives planned to help those affected by the Chernobyl disaster and other man-made disasters. The center also plans to engage in monitoring the effects of the Chernobyl tragedy.

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