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Midst of characteristics that were rating the quality of life cities in the world, manufactured by «Mercer», there is a possibility to relax in the town — in other words the level of cultural life.
Please 1990s Pavel Morozov wrote an essay about the city under the title "City which is not." Philosopher meant, that the city is not very culture. Now Valentin Akudovich sees only the first signs of the birth town of Minsk as:
"In fact the city — it is not the structure, not the street, not the factory, factories and stadiums. City — the myth of the town. Town — a place which is full of cultural characters, events, attributes. All this before in Minsk Sea, and because it is empty . It is only beginning to be born own city, Belarus, the state well, just as the city is alive cultural and spiritual essence. "
Everyday cultural life of almost two million large city is concentrated in a small area of its central part. Work less than 10-ka theaters, circus, several concert halls, cinemas have a few (and none of the 1st modern multiplex), two parks with a small selection of attractions. They added new restaurants, but more expensive, and prices continue to rise. In a cheap cafes and brasseries not actually break.
Such infrastructure or art centers veselitelnyh corresponds narrow cultural space — says music critic Dmitry Podberezskaya. And emphasizes the very modest club life, which is an important component of modern mass culture:
"First it is based on prices. Most Minsk clubs, for example, "Goodwin", not everyone can afford to drink for himself even Belarusian beer. Such prices on the local beer is not found even in Warsaw, although, of course, there are expensive restaurants as well as the club still focused on music show popular, in other words for the youth, the policy does not match the price abilities guests. And this, in the midst of other circumstances, restraining the opening of new clubs. "
Does not contribute to the opening of clubs and the highest rents that drags and rising prices for tickets, concerts happen when zabugornyh performers. Western stars at the peak of fame, do not come to Minsk. And performers retirement age or Russian pop stars ticket price exceeds $ 100 — though in Warsaw or Prague, the most expensive tickets for the super-stars are no more than 50 bucks.
The result — a get-together of young people in the restaurant McDonald’s in the area October Square with beer in hand as a sign of cultural town. So, in every European town there are places where young people gather, but they quickly run up to the bars, concert halls and clubs. In Minsk, young people with beer bottles left on the benches along Lenin Street until midnight.
Painter Arthur wedge (created by books and photo project "Minsk — the City of the Sun", which he presented in almost all towns in Poland and Germany, but not in Belarus) said that in the Belarusian capital does not occur such cultural activities that would capture if not all city, at least artistic elite:
"Naturally, in Minsk lacks real cultural drive that feel when you come to Berlin, Warsaw or even Kiev. Minsk looks, no desire, of course, hurt him, but the smallness of the cemetery, where a calm reigns. If suddenly some action and occur, as an exception. Naturally, some notable performances, exhibitions happen, but it’s not the drive, which I would like to. "
According to international research company "Mercer", the capital of Belarus closes the ranking of European cities in terms of quality of life. Minsk won the last 183 line by typing in a number of requirements 49.4 points. Favourite informal competitions cities — Zurich, Switzerland — has its own assets 108 points. Most of the professionals does not see this in the end is nothing unusual: Minsk as before remained Russian city where the main award of more Russian times is its cleanliness.

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