Minsk for parades select only Slavic type

Official title prazdnichka — Independence day (day of the republic). Celebrated since 1997, the day of liberation of Minsk from the Nazis in 1944. The decision to postpone prazdnichka July 27, when in 1990 was proclaimed the Declaration on the municipal sovereignty of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko has been initiated and approved in a referendum in November 1996.
In the first years of its presidency Alexander Lukashenko on the day of Independence spoke Belarusian, later defected to the Russian language.
Now the capital of Belarus held a military parade, the procession of athletes, festivities, the evening will salute.
PHOTO Vladislav Grydin

Symbol haze

Sergei Dubovets "type person" — a sign of haze, the eclipse of reason. With Hitler and Stalin past we know that racism greenhorns always reaches for the facade.
Minsk eligible for parades only Slavic type

"Eligibility in Roth noble guard (EGC) hard: the growth of more than 185 cm, inductee must be characterized by the place of study or work alone and not have a positive drive to the police. Rows RGV replenish the only men with the first group of pros on health, with the right physique without evidence of progressive completeness. Also of mandatory Slavic type of person. "

  • In Ukraine in 2004 at a military parade on Independence day was spent 1.8 million bucks, in 2005, all in celebration of the cost 700 thousand dollars, in 2006, at the 15th anniversary of independence — 3 million bucks. For comparison: this year’s budget of Moscow to repair the pavement after the parade on May 9 with the role of the heavy military equipment has been spent 62 million bucks.
  • In Warsaw 8 street parades, linked to different historical dates, including civil parade on Independence day is spent 150,000 bucks year.

People’s Artist Zinaida Bondarenko during the Soviet era many times led to television coverage of demonstrations and parades. And now she could not resist the temptation to look at TV broadcasting, but I could not see out.
"Man hunt prazdnichka and he celebrates"
Director Valery Mazynsky once a year following the celebration of the windows of his apartment on Avenue favorites (was Parkova highway former Masherov Avenue).
"In the bath will be celebrating"
What you celebrate July 3? How much do you mean this prazdnichek? The survey on the streets of Grodno.
Independence day celebrated:

  • Ukraine — August 24. Day decision in 1991 by the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR "Act of Independence of Ukraine."
  • Our homeland — June 12. Day decision in 1990 by the Congress of People’s Deputies of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the municipal Russia.
  • Lithuania — March 11. Day decision in 1990 by the Supreme Council of Lithuania Act restoring state independence and secession from the USSR.
  • Latvia — November 18. On this day in 1990, adopted the Declaration on the restoration of Latvia’s independence.
  • Poland — November 11. Independence day in 1918. Svyatkavavsya in 1937-1938, restored in 1989
  • USA — July 4. On this day in 1776, settlers from the North American Congress adopted the Declaration on secession from England.
  • Belarus — July 27 (1991-1996). On this day in 1991 the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus. July 3 (from 1996) — a day of liberation in 1944 in Minsk from Nazi invaders.

"Not prazdnichek and demonstrate the power and majesty of the authorities"

On the content and form of celebration days of Independence says philosopher Valentin Akudovich.
Lukashenka: "blackmail Belarus sanctions futile"
Alexander Lukashenko at a festive meeting on the occasion of independence days of July 3 spoke against "naked economic and political pressure on Belarus."

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