Minsk: not Russian and European


S.Horevskogo: "Minsk lose a damn"
How to have an effect on the life of a new building in Minsk? Do they make the city pretty and comfortable?
Minsk — Russian city forever period
Most of the professionals does not see as a result of international research company "Mercer" nothing unusual: Minsk as before remained Russian city where the main prize of the Russian still time left its purity.

"Savetskastsi in Minsk more"
Favourite band "Stary Olsa" Zmiter Sosnowski recognizes that suffers from a life in the center of Minsk. "I have an apartment in the center of town, but I can not live there because it is on the ground floor deli."
"Sign savetskastsi Minsk — Khrushchev"

An employee of a real estate agency Tatyana Snitko convinced: "Minsk zagruznuv somewhere closer to the Russian."

A.Klinav "Minsk lacks cultural drive"
Painter Arthur wedge (created by books and photo project "Minsk — the City of the Sun", which he presented in almost all towns in Poland and Germany, but not in Belarus) said that in bolshennom major city there is an active cultural life.
V. Akudovich: "Minsk — the city does not yet exist"

"In fact the city — it is not the structure, not the street, not the factory, factories and stadiums. City — the myth of the town. Town — a place which is full of cultural characters, events, attributes. All this before in Minsk Sea, and because it is empty . "
"Mind you take it — Russian"
Master of Sports, a favorite of the world in ice dancing, five-time favorite of Belarus, choreographer, PhD, a teacher at the department of music and choreography Pedagogical Institute named after Maxim Tank Olga Korsak says that Russian Minsk actually it considers its own homeland.

"City crushes their air"
"People that are drawn to the city, the reversed controlled. Friday — out of town, on Sunday evening — back. Why? Because people tend to natural. This also indicates comfort," — says the painter Victor Markovets.

"If the worst Minsk that talk about the other town"
"According to my observations, the system of health insurance, which, for example, the French have more effective. Anyone can set a certain level of medical care, but in any case," — said G.Asmalovskaya.

Minsk — the last in Europe
Midst of Eastern European cities ahead — Prague (71th place). Vilnius — at the 78th Warsaw — 85th, Riga — 89 m. Minsk occupies 183rd place — the lowest of all European cities.
Results of the study of international Mercer quality of life in global cities.

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