Minsk will square Bolivar and Changchun

New streets that are built in the neighborhood Stone Hill, will be called Kamennogorsk, Casimir Dombrowski, Neman. Appears and the street name of People’s Artist of the USSR, a famous figure of Choral Art Gregory Screens. Got here and a few nameless squares. Square in the streets of Minin and train will carry the name of Marshal Zhukov, Square on Berastsyanskay — Chinese twin city of Changchun, Square at the intersection of Zakharov and Pervomayskaya — Simon Bolivar. Do minchane idea after whom the park was christened?
Reporter: "Do you realize who the Zhukov and Bolivar?"
Woman: "I heard, but I do not know."
Youth"Zhukov — this marshal, who are there second? Bolivar? No idea. "
Man: "Marshal Russian Union — Beetles. "
Man: "Bolivar — is also a U.S. seem to captain."
Guy: "Bolivar? Perhaps this writer."
Man: "I heard, but I do not know."
Guy: "Zhukov and Bolivar — heard something. Maybe that composers."
Well, if something else about Zhukov know what to Bolivar — Merkle representation. Mingorispolkom employee admitted honestly, why in Minsk decided to immortalize Bolivar:
"Simon Bolivar Square christened at the request of the Republic of Venezuela. Was a tacit order on. They wish so was named the street, but the street had difficulties. Since the old streets, of course, no one will not be renamed, and new construction — Stone Hill, Friendship neighborhood — there have their own principles that are consistent with the Belarusian toponymy than Venezuela. Because decided to call Square. So that tell "Thank you", it is not the street and no one would have to write "living on the streets of Changchun."
It’s nice that not yet lost their sense of humor Belarusian bureaucrats. But maybe something else will change their minds. Listen clarification collaborators City Executive Committee:
"This decision of the City Council session is accepted, but it has not yet been approved by the Ministry of Justice. So force has not yet entered, and it is possible that not acquire until the Ministry of Justice does not approve it, and will not be published in the State Register of legal acts."
By the way, there were precedents when the Ministry of Justice does not affirm the decisions of the Minsk city. The last example — in the street outside Berson Voinilovich and not renamed.

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