Mogilev awaiting the opening of the restored Town Hall

While it is not clear which institution will be located in the premises of the modern town hall. The other day celebrations in the executive committee and discussions are options to rename the area over which towered from 1681 Ratushnyj bully. Currently, this area is called Russian. It is proposed to change this title or the square of Fame, or at Town Hall.
Mogilev journalist and ethnographer Nikolai Nozhnikav claims that the town hall was rebuilt on old drawings:
"Since the City Hall stood less than three centuries, it was restructuring, but that of the original here — premature Belarusian Baroque. There have slightly classicism and baroque elements. On most old projects focused because virtually all preserved in St. Petersburg."
Until 1917, this building sat city magistrate. Third in August 1926 as a monument of architecture town hall was under the protection of the country. After the second World War I creased town hall going back. In the summer of 1957, but it blew.
While it is not clear which agency will be located in the Town Hall. When construction began, stated that several Town Hall premises will give the Museum of History of Mogilev. Museum director Oleg Eshmetsev states that special regulations about this yet:
"While the release of these premises for Mogilev History Museum is planned. Likely, Three rooms will be allocated and there will be is our extended constant exposure "Mogilev times Magdeburg Law — ages 16-17."
August 8, 2007 City Council decided to establish a special account for donations of individuals and organizations of the town hall. According to Oleg Eshmetseva, less than a year managed to collect about 20 to 3 million rubles. These funds are in the account, and their fate is unknown.
Overall, the construction of the town hall in 2007 prices he wasspent about five and a half billion.
The other day celebrations in toponymic commission executive committee discussions are options to rename the area over which towered from the 1681 City Hall. Currently, this area is called Russian. It was built in 1982, the memorial complex "Fighters for Soviet power." We consider two abilities — or change the title of the square of Fame, or the Town Hall Square. Historical title area — Trade — an option not considered.
Builders meanwhile complete clearance of the town hall and say that July third Hall will open its doors to visitors.
Mogilev city hall going back more first 1990s. Then the executive committee ruled the first democratically elected President Sergei Gabrusev. May 23, 1992 accomplished the symbolic laying of the foundation stone of the town hall. Why did the town hall did not return back then? Recalls the then head of the executive committee Affairs Vitaly Cornflower:
"If we were in the 90s were able to organize the public to build a town hall, we would have at the moment a different situation. I have a feeling. Not enough, certainly, a fuse abilities. I always believed that he begins to revive the town hall, then start to happen in the country change at best. In other words, what we call the reforms, democratization, etc. . "
Why today’s town hall authorities Mogilev — sign of municipal government?
"Public idea pushed all the same urban governance to this construction. 2nd — really desire to quit after themselves not only negligibly society, and something basic, as the town hall. Every person must right to repentance. I believe that such acts specifically power is typical of repentance to the people, "- said Vitaly Cornflower.

Opposite the town hall — memorial "Fighters for the Soviet Power" Tags:, Mogilev

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