Mogilev procession did not take place

Father Roman styled "Freedom" prerequisites that do not have allowed to take place in This year procession:
"Someone out there has informed the authorities, and they are thinking a little bit and want to promote. We got permission, but it’s too late. Yesterday received a fax solution Mogilev city executive committee. If we get permission after Sunday, when we’re usually in the liturgy, it is virtually impossible our parishioners say that the procession will be. I am grateful to them for what they have created and so, and though I hope that in the future these problems will be no more. "
Recall ideology department of the Mogilev city executive committee claimed by the organizers of the procession fees police, doctors and public utilities that provide order Tipo event.
Now the chapel to honor the patron saint of Mogilev, came about fifty people, mostly Incline age. Authorities and organizations which, by officials must maintain order at public events, was not.
In Last year procession also carried out — due to repair streets Lazarenko.
St. Anthony became the guardian of Mogilev in the late XVI century. His miraculous icon brought to Mogilev Franciscan preachers.
Icon of St. Anthony went missing during the second World War I.

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