Mogilev Regional Council BPF against exclusion A. Mikhalevich

By this occasion Yesterday evening, the Council extended the regional organization of a special declaration.
"The decision to expel Deputy Party chairman Mikhalevich we do not recognize, because it is taken by secret ballot, half of registered members of the Sejm that eats violation of the Charter, which foresees that "the decision of the Diet are accepted by majority vote," — say members of the board of the regional organization.
According to the chairman of the Mogilev regional party organization Gregory Kastusiou, Board members have already started consultations with employees from other parts of Belarus in order to convene an extraordinary congress of the party and put on the agenda of a day or issue of "personnel and political situation in the party." To convene an extraordinary congress, says politician needs the agreement of 2-thirds of the members of the territorial councils of the party.

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