Mogilev sounded Belarusian Mass

"This is the liturgical cycle. Chastsin There eighteen. Introductory part is called" God lives in Belarus "- verses Karatkevich. And the last part on the basis of the hymn" God Almighty. "There are psalms verses Maxim Bogdanovich. This work, like the rest of the festival, uniting Christians. There is such a purely Catholic Western things, but there are associated with Eastern traditions, "- says the creator of" The Belarusian Mass "Igor Matievsky.
Soon "Belarusian Mass" will be an independent Catholic expertise in order to later her could use during worship.
"We are very interested, so that was our first Belarusian mass. After holy Mass is, only for the liturgy also needed work. Every people has a Mass why we must be orphans "- says the father of Roman.
Igor Matievsky inspired to write Mass Victor Rovdo yes Guy de Picard. Now she sounded their honor in the church. Honor the memory of the founders of the festival came to its participants, guests and Orthodox believers and church denominations — about three hundred people.
In 1993, Victor Orthodox Catholics Mogilev police department offered to chair the jury while the first festival of sacred Christian music "God Almighty." Offer he accepted. Over the next fifteen years, choral conductor, Dr. Belarusian State Academy of Music, Honored Artist of Belarus Viktor Rovdo not only presided over the jury, and patronized by the festival.

"Without Rovdo impossiblecould imagine doing "Mighty Almighty". I remember the moment when Viktor with tears in the eyes said: "It’s hard," — after, as once he was not invited to the stage that he pradyryzhyravav this hymn. "On one of the festivals that happen. And then he thought that it is the greatest insult."
Today’s first festival without Victor Rovdo. He died in the past year, the seventeenth of November.
Founder and patron of the festival was a British explorer and Belarusian history and culture of Guy de Picard. In 1979 he published a collection of religious and spiritual music "Belarusian spevnik."
Rector, dean of the church of St. Stanislaus Roman Faksinsky father says that the festival is not accustomed to live without Guy de Picard:
"If we have learned that it really is not, then learned who he was for us. I appreciate it for the love of Belarus to our country. He loved music. He found her in the villages, all recorded and published notebook. Wanted to keep it for the future. "
Guy de Picard was killed on April 21 in Last year 76-year life in London. Victor Rovdo yes Guy de Picard remain in the history of the festival "God Almighty" people, thanks to the efforts which he continues to be a national festival. Tags: Belarusian, the Mass, the most powerful god, Matievsky

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