More insecure when innocent people are punished for crimes

It is no coincidence we approached Mieczyslaw Ivanovich with a proposal to become a public editor this week. Improvised explosion device during mass celebrations in Minsk on the night of July 4th, which affected more than fifty people, generated a lot of questions. Namely, how to rescue people from the maniacs of the new millennium — the terrorists?
This week, in conjunction with Mieczyslaw Mushroom we try to uncover themes that exposed the explosion in Minsk on July 4, and even earlier, in 2005, carried on the agenda of a day or two explosions in Vitebsk. Are law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of the people? What actions can we expect from the authorities the people who became victims of involuntary intruders? Given my own experience, Lieutenant-General Mushroom help answer these and other questions.
As for the night of the explosion in Minsk during the celebration days of independence, Mieczyslaw Mushroom holds special from the official position. In his view, here we have the attitude is not just hooliganism — in this case are obvious manifestations of a terrorist act. And the origins of today’s atrocities on conviction Mushroom derived from such explosions 3-year-old in Vitebsk. This week the public editor said in an interview with Radio Liberty:
"This is a massive sin, that it could treated as hooliganism. This is something similar to the terrorist act.
If a similar one sin remains unresolved, then you can wait for another. And more insecure if for these atrocities to lure and retain responsibility innocent people. It unleashes the real offenders who consider themselves unpunished.
Who accused — hard portend. But will be found in including and in the midst of opposition. I think that in the short-lived while still this case will qualify as a terrorist act, and if anything went out and brought to the opposition, it has all salvation will not. "
Mieczyslaw Mushroom will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Born September 28, 1938 in the village Savichi Dyatlavskga in Grodno region. Graduated from the Lviv fire-technical school and the Law Faculty of Belarusian State University. Police career began in the Vitebsk region.
First, 1980 was appointed head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Vitebsk regional executive committee. In January 1985, led team of investigators to uncover ladies kills occurred on terrain Vitebsk region in the past 15 years. In November 1985, failed to stop a maniac — natives Miory district Gennady Mikhasevich who confessed to killing 43 women. During the investigation, a group of fungi also been identified by: "Vitebsk case" illegally sentenced 13 people, some of them shot. So makarom were opened bad the Belarusian justice those years.
In 1993, on the basis of common Mieczyslaw Awards Mushroom first in Belarus was submitted to the pros, "General-Lieutenant." Honoured Lawyer of the Republic of Belarus.
Nominated deputy different levels. Since 1990 — deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus. Chairman of the Supreme Council of XII convocation. Under starshynyavannem Mieczyslaw Mushroom March 15, 1994 the Belarusian parliament adopted the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.
Since the beginning of the presidential campaign in 2006 — in the driver’s headquarters then presidential candidate, chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Alexander Kozulin. Tags: public, editor, Minsky, mushroom, explosion,

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