More repressive provisions of the media law

BAJ lawyer Andrei Bastunets refutes the statements Natalia Pyatkevich that the new law does not impose additional restrictions on the media. Certain observations BAJ zmyastsilisya 17 pages. Bastunets gave the example of Freedom 4 provisions of the bill, which showed its repressive nature:
"First. Media re-registration requirement even if the legal address. This everyday process when those editors who do not have their own space, move from place to place and from time to time do it compulsively. As meaning every time on the newest pass registration function?
Second. Closure of the media can be, even after the 1st at the request of the Ministry of Information violations or prosecutors. With all this list of violations that beckon to the closure of newspapers, unlimited, previously it was limited to the 5th article of the law on mass media.
Third. Limited edition of the possibility of release from liability for disk imaging to reproduce or placement agencies.
4th. Trying to settle the Web. If all this is right in the law passed government by-law. Almost online resources are considered as the media, for all that it is unclear which of them will be considered as the media. "
New bill worse, it is more repressive than the law that is currently in effect — concludes Andrew Bastunets.

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