My advice to Obama

November 4 U.S. presidential elections took place krainy.Senatar Democrat Barack Obama elected the 44th president of the United States of America. Obama won 338 votes in the electoral college, representing all U.S. states.
A.Belyatsky: stronger certain actions
L.Ermoshina: does not exist for the Yankees colors
Buraukin: try to understand the aspirations of Belarusians
Ya.Maksimyuk: My advice — do nothing
Zdanowicz recommends U.S. president to visit Belarus
Andrei Tur advises the U.S. to abandon the sanctions
Yu.Drakohrust: my advice — do not really listen to advice
Gaiduchevici: Obama wish of success
Ya.Basin: "We need active cooperation with the U.S."
V.Silitsky United States are investing in the future of Belarus
Kolos: stay civilized values
I.Kuley: that the U.S. had the same moral stance
Lazavik: that our government is actually evaluated
A. Marachkin: be fundamentally with the "chief of our country"
MP: wish that Americans respect our choice
L. Barshcheuski: continue the previous policy
Lebedko: to continue "Democracy Support Act"
P. Sadowski: connect with real politics humanistic
A.Fedorov Sanctions — very sharp instrument
Ya.Romanchuk: make "Belsat" 24-hour channel
O.Trusov: reduce the price of visas for Belarusians
Kalyakin: U.S. should seek democracy in Belarus

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