N. Cherginets: Usefulness of the survey have

General-Lieutenant Nikolay Cherginets was promoted from detective to the chief of criminal investigation department of Belarus. The collapse poll inhabitants of the town, in which a resounding perfect sin, he finds not the most effective method to get out simultaneously on the offender, but I am convinced that you hear from people information can bring in the necessary consequence of the channel:
"No, it’s not psychosis. I myself criminal investigator and worked much in disclosing atrocities. I can tell, that such contact with the population from time to time allows you to get on the offender. In the process of meeting people, interviewing them, once you get the information, comments, any missed questions that remain unanswered. And also employees receive information about offenders who may have done more sin.
Because it is a good, albeit a long way. He is not completely effective in viewpoint instant release on the offender. Agree if there wasabout 500 thousand do not let it my world, maybe less, but weave thousands of people there. Maybe someone of them and could give a hint: I say, beheld, as a man with a bundle sat in the car with the number 15-17, roughly speaking. No other way, this work is provided to the population in all statesah the world. No country to depart from that contact, it is beneficial right. And even in our statutes for district inspectors recorded that they generally need each month to meet with residents own site. Because there is not no psychosis, so can only be read by amateurs or those who wish to discredit the police. Unfortunately, it is compulsory measure. I do not think that it will inevitably lead to the disclosure, but the usefulness of it is all the same. "

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