Named the reasons for the delay of creating a fighter FGFA

Named the reasons for the delay of creating a fighter FGFA
Development of Indo-Russian fighter fifth generation FGFA faced with a two-year delay. Instead of the planned 5 years of development time is increased to 7 years. Delay explains slow development component of the aircraft, which should be constructed Indian aircraft manufacturer HAL, which has a 25% share in the project.

Double FGFA is developed on the basis of Russian PAK FA design CB «dry.» HAL was entrusted to make a double cabin and monitors, but none of these structures has not been submitted in time, said a senior Air Force. The Indian company is also responsible for the development of navigation systems and electronic warfare equipment. Not so long ago, speaking in Parliament, Deputy Minister of Defence M. Pallam Raju (Pallam Raju) stated that «certification fighter fifth generation is planned for 2019 (instead of 2017), then begin mass production.» During a visit in December 2010, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed an agreement on the beginning of the preparatory design aircraft in the amount of 295 million U.S. dollars.

There is also a fear that the development budget FGFA, set of 6 billion dollars, can go beyond funding. The cost of the 1st plane is projected to reach 93-97 million dollars India plans to buy 214 aircraft valued, very little, to $ 28 billion

30-tonne FGFA will be «super-maneuverable fighter with highly-board equipment, providing situational awareness around 360 degrees, resettled stelae technologies and» smart «weapons,» said the last commander of the Indian Air Force PK Naik (PK Naik). Aircraft must fly over vast distances without refueling, to develop supersonic cruising speed, have advanced computers. After observing the PAK FA during testing in Zhukovsky (Our Fatherland) Air India highlighted the need for improvements in the design of 43 aircraft.

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