Network — a reaction to the force and acts of opposition

Lebedko "It’s not a false start. This is a reaction to the actions Abyadanyh Democratic Forces. Power looked that This time made more and SLM prepared for the elections as never before. There is a single list, has a message, there is a general campaign for free elections. Because the "Network" — a reaction to the actions of the UDF. In-2, blocked the ability of such information, such that the filmstrip may be repeated later and 10. And in-3 — if paying huge amounts of money for old stuff that reeks of mothballs — why do not you do? Powered assembly flow. "
Tsigankov: "Can these films influence those voters who have not yet led to, or people do not react to such propaganda?"
Lebedko "Things are harder to persuade people to his propaganda such gizmos. Each election campaign people who go to vote under the influence of TV shows, less. It is very narrow audience dyadulek old women and, in any other disk imaging and never will be. "

Tags: Lebedko, propaganda, BT network

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